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What We Do

Helping Others

CryptoG is a special purpose vehicle for a global wealth distribution project to undertake the development of a then (initiated by the year 2004) proposed of the world’s biggest mega gold mining operations - located within the South-East Asian region. Recently approved by our board of directors, we are distributing $1 trillion in aid funds to eligible recipients globally with the aim to balance the global wealth inequality.

Raising Awareness

Inequality has been on the rise across the globe for several decades. Some countries have reduced the numbers of people living in extreme poverty. But economic gaps have continued to grow as the very richest amass unprecedented levels of wealth. In the mission of restoring our global economy, we also raising awareness for others to see the reality of the dysfunctional monetary system we are in today.

Building A Community

The top 1% ultra rich of the world's population is systematically destroying the middle and lower classes thus making the poor suffer even more. This situation thus begs the need for the emergence of a monetary system that works for all. We are building a community of people who are in complete control of their own finance without the interference of a third party e.g. the governments, banks or any central authority.


How To Take Part and Claim Your Fund?

In creating awareness for our campaign, we use online petition as a medium to reach wider global audience and supporters to support our cause. Take part by signing our online global petition and to proceed to be eligible to claim your fund.

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